It’s not Costco samples

I have tried everything.  It works but then when I stop I gain it back.  I get bored.  I wish there was a quick fix.  I’m not seeing the results I want.

There are so many different ways to lose weight.  I wanted the quick results.  I was willing to try anything just to see if it worked.  But when it was time to commit for the long haul, I quit.  It was easier to blame the diet then my own choices.  Find what works for you and stay the course.  

I’m learning that it’s about committing  one day at a time.  Finding what works for me.  Choosing my long term health over my short term satisfaction.  Healthy life choices aren’t samples, they are commitments.  So what do you truly want to commit to?  Each day I need to make this choice again and again.  Find your commitment.  


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But it’s so uncomfortable…

Sitting on the couch, staying in bed, not taking chances, avoiding resistance, not accepting a challenge, routine, sticking with what I know…theses are all things that are comfortable.  I love being comfortable!  But as I read these things I realize none of them help me grow in a positive way.  I want change. But that is a challenge. I want more energy but I don’t want to fit it in my routine. So I stay where it’s comfortable.  You know where it got me…nowhere

Comfort is the killer of all goals being accomplished.  So often we get stuck in the comfort unable to let go.  Change is uncomfortable.  But looking back to see where you were to where you are now should excite you.  I used to look back at what I once was and see that I was still standing in the same spot.

We are called to move and grow.  Each day is a fresh day one to be uncomfortable!  What could happen outside of comfort?  Only one way to find out!  Each day I see more and more what happens outside of that zone!

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the biggest growth causes the most discomfort

I found it suiting that when I started this journey I wrote a blog that entailed the good, the bad and the ugly.  So let’s stick with that.

But first, let’s set the stage.

On April 30th at 8 am I loaded my dogs and last minute items in my already jam packed 97 pathfinder and we headed out.  Destination- Arizona!  It was three and a half years earlier that I dropped everything to go serve in Mexico, and stayed.

The good- so many people are inspiring.  When you hear their stories, see them in action or just know their heart you can’t help but be moved.  The endless flow of inspiring people blew me away.  It could be a mom who gives up everything for her children because dad left them.  It was a president of a company who believes so strongly in giving back that he sends his staff to serve in another country.  It could be the guy who met God because he started surfing without even knowing how to swim.  Now he shares that same God with everyone he meets.  Look for people who inspire you and challenge you to grow.  God doesn’t call us to just marinate forever.

The bad- when people leave. Or when I do.  I have never grown so much in a short time in all my life.  Living in community is hard.  I mean really hard.  I mean you can’t just unfriendly them and stop calling hard.  I mean you see them everyday even when you don’t want to hard.  We were never told relationships would be easy.  The great news is each one helps us grow.  The bad news, eventually we all move on.  Leaving was painful. It still is.  But I wouldn’t trade it.  I loved serving and being there.  Just because it’s comfortable does not always mean that’s where we are supposed to be.  It was time to go.

The ugly- border waits, taco stands not being in my house, tears and adjustments.  I’m back in AZ and it doesn’t feel like home….yet.  I pulled over and cried the other day because I couldn’t remember where Walmart by my house is.  I starred at a grocery section for 20 minutes because there was too many options.  Transitions are ugly.  They don’t fit in a pretty package.  They are fit in the not fun package.

What am I looking forward to- Reconnecting.  Starting a new season.  Learning it step by step and not trying to skip a few.  That’s a quick way to fall on my face.  I have learned that walking in faith doesn’t mean not having fear, it’s continuing to move no matter what.

Ok next chapter, let’s do this!




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Who says you are too young

This past week I met so many incredible people that I didn’t know how I was going to narrow it down to just one.  So I am not.  So here is the history.  A few years back a team called Chinese Church in Christ (CCIC) from California came down and started repairing roofs.  These were not just random roofs.  The homes housed children or adults with special needs.  They understood the value of a safe place for health and started to reach out to the families.  Last year they started working with a pastor whose heart is to help these same families within his community.  Five families revceived a safe roof over their heads.  While we were out serving we had the pleasure of working alongside a young man who is on fire for God.  So this week I hope your excited to meet:

10644835_10153387371879028_5035439433117683185_n  10401476_10153390267839028_3431871126316222847_n  1947511_10153387138259028_7808354202699839429_n

CCIC (South Valley/ North Valley and Cupertino) – They came down with a total of 61 people.  It has been an absolute joy to work with them over the past three years.  They are high energy, hard working and God focused.  Such an incredible time!  Their love for others is a blessing to be around.

67298_10153384150344028_984536966268588591_n  1891183_10153390267674028_8171486392574904554_n

Pastor Pacifico – He loves everyone with all he has the second he meets you.  He can repair anything in the blink of an eye.  Most importantly his love for God and all His children is contagious!


Here is a special addition to your meeting this week.  Meet Manuel – We had the amazing opportunity to work alongside this young man.  At only 17 he is in bible school gearing up to head to Chiapas.  He only has a few years left in school but is so excited to spread God’s love all across the world.  Who says you have to be a certain age for God to use you?  This teenager is already being used to impact others.  All you have to do is say yes.

God is so cool that He can use people from any race, age, background, social class or lifestyle to show love.  We are half way through our Mission Adventure season and still so expectant for more amazing things.  Thank you for your continued support.  Be praying about how you can help with the mission here in Ensenada.

To donate visit and include Elizabeth Pachter in the designee spot.

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Ready and waiting

At 6 am I walked out of my house to take my puppies through our morning route.  We were greeted by an already awaiting 60 people.  When we returned 30 minutes later more cars were lining the streets.  By the time the gates opened at 9am there was over 200 people flooding into the base.  This was a very big day.  This day could be a new start for so many.  This day was full of hope and anticipation.  This day families would apply for a home!  Meet the potential recipients of hope!


The day starts out with worship and a message.  Many of these families have been praying and putting everything they have to one day provide a safe place for their kids.  Unfortunately not everyone who walks into the door will receive a home.  But they will receive knowing who God is.

The qualifications to receive a home are

  • have land that you are paying for in your name
  • have a job
  • have a family
  • not own any other property
  • currently living on your property


If the families pass the first round of qualifications the next step is an interview to learn more about them.  After the team goes and checks out their current situations and the safety of the build site.  If everything checks out, the family receives a call with the good news.  Then we wait.  We wait for more teams to partner with us to provide the homes.

We cannot do what we do without you.  Thank you for the continued support, love and prayer.  If you want a chance to meet one of these incredible families in person, put together a team and come serve.  It will change their lives and yours.  That is how I ended up here.  So, I dare you!  Come be a part of building hope in Ensenada!

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In theory – The best leaders should make the best followers

Most of my adult career time I have been in some leadership role or another.   Learning to lead with love first and then seeing the results has been a very humbling experience to say the least.  In the past few months God has really showed me a lot about how being the great leader means also knowing how to be the great follower.  Surprise!  You may not always agree with your boss.  You may not always think they do things the best way possible.That’s ok.  Lately I have realized that I can be a total brat when it comes to being a great follower.  I am learning a lot about my way is not always the best way.  The lessons are not easy to learn but they are obviously needed.

Since we are talking about leaders I want to introduce you to an incredible example of leadership.  My introduction this week…

Meet The Kemps


Tym and his wife Sam came to YWAM Ensenada Ensenada with their 4 kids in 2006.  Funny part, he came to do IT for a year.  It wasn’t too long after that he was asked to run the base.  In 2007 they took in two Mexican children, Micah and Tianna.  The life the kids had before was not an easy one and they were orphaned very young.  Through the years the Kemps saw a lot of that hurt come to the surface in any way these children knew how to show it.  It was a great example of how God loves us and never gives up.

A family of six is not easy.  Even with a big family at home there are some incredible leadership examples I have experienced working here.

Listen first then decide

At times things are crazy and we need some guidance on specific situatuations.  There is always an open door to talk through it and offer guidance only when needed

Step in where needed

Our leader is never afraid to play “the bad guy.”  He teaches us a lot about having the tough conversations with love.

Stay Calm always

Not sure if it’s just his face or if he is able to stay calm most of the time, we never see the reaction on his face.

Empower your team

We always feel the sense of encouragement when we want to start something new or change something for the better of the ministries.

Have fun with your team

and don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself

bobbing for apples

For anyone who has ever worked for someone else you understand the value of a great leader.  The support and encouraging we receive from our leaders is incredible.  So I am giving you guys a chance to support my leader.  There are some things back in England that have caused them a financial burden.  I can totally understand the stress that it can cause.  If you feel like you want to support them I have included two different ways at the bottom of the page.  Thank you again for all the continued prayer and support for everything happening in Ensenada Mexico. with the email adress

or and include Tym Kemp in the notes.

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The gift that keeps on giving

We just finished an incredible weekend celebrating 25 years and 5000 homes built with Homes of Hope.  How amazing to be a part of something that started so long ago.  It started with a simple question and has expanded to impact so many.  To celebrate we completed 25 homes in one day and followed with two incredible parties.  The night the families received their homes it rained.  That night 25 families slept dry in their new homes.

Week two in my introductions – I am introducing you to two groups of people today.  First meet the Morales Coral family.  Brenda, Jose, Guadalupe, Maria and baby Manuel (only 21 days old).  This couple has been together for 18 years.  They met when they were teenagers.  They moved to Ensenada 12 years ago for more opportunity.  They were trying to rent a place and purchase land but found it impossible to pay for both.  So they moved to the land and grabbed whatever they could to build a home.   This weekend they received keys to a safe house for their children to grow up in.  I was blown away by the love and hospitality of this family.

family grill

The next introduction is a company.  This Defender Direct.  To some of you that may not mean much.  But if I say ADT and refer to the little blue signs in your front yard, now it is ringing a bell.  The owner of this company set out to give 15% of his profits to help others no matter what the economy looks like.  He was so impacted by his first build that he decided his employees need to experience it.  The company pays for the employee and up to three of their friends with only a small cost to the employee.  As a company they have built over 300 of those 5000 homes.  They have blessed so many families.  Even more they have blessed so many staff.  I always enjoy when they come through Ensenada.  Here are the two defender groups we had the honor of working with this weekend.

defender ladies


Keep coming down and helping.  Keep supporting missionaries and ministries.  Some are called to go and some are called to give.  So thank you for continuing to partner and support the workers in the fields.  To donate please visit

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